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Education consultation

Discover the most lucrative fields of education & learning in Canada. Our overseas education counselors recommend colleges, courses, and much more to help you make the best education decision.

Program Selection

Our team of education consultants in India recommends programs while keeping an eye on your passion, capabilities, and Canadian job market. Meaning, securing a job after degree completion will be a cakewalk!

File Preparation

Our team of education consultants in India recommends programs while keeping an eye on your passion, capabilities, and Canadian job market. Meaning, securing a job after degree completion will be a cakewalk!

Visa Services

At Gautam Services, we believe that every student has unique educational goals. Out deep understanding of visa process and paper work maximize your chances of visa success.

Migration & consultation

Want to migrate to a college based in Montreal, Vancouver, Brampton, or Ontario? Our team of counselors will promise smooth transition, complete transparency, and friendly support.

Post-landing Services

When you trust Gautam Services with your student visa & education in Canada, you also get support with accommodation, insurance, transit, foreign exchange, and much more.

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Gautam Services is built on the foundation of ethics and tirelessly works to help students gain admission in the best colleges of Montreal, Vancouver, Brampton, and Ontario. Our counselors have deep experience in assisting candidates with college admission forms, college applications, references, statement of purpose, and everything else critical for join top Canadian universities, colleges, and institutes.
Our admission guidance & support also includes regular follow-ups with the universities which results in a positive and quick response. Our vast experience and unmatched reputation in college admissions is the reason why students from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Philippines trust us with their college admissions.


As the leading team of student visa consultants in India and Canada, we provide assistance on documentation, application forms, financial statements, training, and interview simulation through mocks. We also coordinate with visa office during the entire process on the applicant’s behalf to ensure visa approval.
Gautam Services’ success rate in student visa procurement is highest among top Canada study visa service providers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Philippines. That’s because our team deeply understands visa rules and documentation processes. In addition to that, our case filing officers also closely monitor changes to student visa rules and guidelines to tweak our visa processes accordingly.
At Gautam Services, we guarantee personal guidance and counseling to every student to ascertain hassle-free visa procurement.

Study visa

Be it Montreal, Vancouver, Brampton, or Ontario, securing student visa is not an easy task. Confusing paperwork, daunting interview, and college coordination can leave students feeling helpless. Gautam Services simplifies the complex process of procuring student visa by handling application forms, preparing financial statements, training, and interview simulation through mockups.
Our reputation in Canada study visa related services is unmatched in India. We are especially trusted by students of Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Delhi, and Hyderabad for securing student visa that comes with permission to work part-time. We understand the importance of earning while pursuing formal or vocational education in Canada and hence render required support to facilitate the same.

Air Arrival

Planning air travel can be a daunting experience for students heading overseas for the first time. This is the reason why Gautam Services introduced air travel planning and support services. By keeping in mind your budget, we recommend the best travel options and also make arrangements for foreign exchange, insurance cover, and other critical travel aspects.
As a team of Canada education counselors, our goal is to streamline your complete study experience so that neither you nor your parents have to worry about anything. Students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and the Philippines widely opt for our air travel services to simplify their first travel experience aboard. Whether you are heading to Montreal, Vancouver, Brampton, Ontario or anywhere else, we will take care of it all!


Staying connect with your loved ones is important when you are thousands of miles away. The hustle-bustle of flying to Canada often leaves no time to arrange for a new SIM. To help students with the same, Gautam Services has launched SIM card services. Our education consulting firm has partnered with leading SIM card providers of Canada to simplify the process of obtaining a new phone line.
Our SIM card services are widely sought by students of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Philippines. Email us at info@gautamservices.ca to share your phone plan requirements with our team and we will take care of the rest!

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